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      DuPont, Sichuan University team up on flame retardants2013-01-30 08:51:02

      CHENGDU, CHINA (Aug. 13, 1:50 p.m. ET) — DuPont Co. and China’s Sichuan University have signed a joint research agreement on flame retardants for plastics, including in computer, communication and consumer electronics markets.

      “We are partnering with Sichuan University because of its impressive academic achievements in the field of polymer materials, such as halogen-free, flame retardant compounds, along with the high level of expertise of its staff members, one of whom was recipient of the DuPont Young Professor Award,” said Harold Snyder, DuPont’s Asia Pacific technical director.

      An Aug. 7 statement from DuPont said the university, based in Chengdu, Sichuan province, is one of China’s leading universities in polymer research and development. DuPont’s China R&D Center and the school have cooperated on various projects since 2008.

      “It is a great opportunity that benefits both parties,” said Li Guangxian, deputy president of the university and a professor there. “We share the same interests and our strengths complement each other.”

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